Prototyping Info

In-Circuit Serial Programming/Device Programmers

There are a large number of Prototyping Boards available from a number of sources. They will either have a socket to allow for different packages of chips with adapters or a surface mount. An ICD jack is also included in some boards to allow in-circuit programming. If the board does not have one of these options the chip may have to be removed from the board and reprogrammed with programmer. These boards also differ in their power sources from USB, DC, or AC adapters.

Prototyping Boards have various PC interfaces such as a serial port interface, USB interface, Ethernet interface, etc. They can come with various features like LED's, push buttons, switches, LCD displays, or keyboards to be used as user interfaces. Some boards may have terminals to allow for easy access to the pins of the chip, where others may have a prototyping area to add some additional circuits. There are special prototyping boards geared toward advanced functionality of PIC® chips like USB, Ethernet, Can Bus, LCD, etc.