Why Education?

Why choose Microchip PIC® microcontrollers for teaching embedded programming?

Microcontrollers provide a inexpensive, easy to use platform for students to learn programming. Microcontrollers allow the student to fully understand and control the complete computer environment. It is truly a back-to-basics, bottom-up approach, giving students a solid foundation in computing. Unlike a PC, there is no need to deal with a heavy operating system where there is considerable distance between the program and the user. Microcontrollers provide solid control over timing and direct access to the hardware.

Microcontroller programming skills are in strong demand everywhere. Applications include appliances, toys, automobiles, industrial controls, test equipment, computer peripherals, security systems, safety equipment, and all kinds of data collection devices for research. Consider this, while reading this, there is more than likely a microcontroller in hand, the computer mouse has a microcontroller as well as a PC keyboard. Every day individuals interact with dozens of PIC® microcontrollers. Consider an automobile, microcontrollers are everywhere from the radio to tire pressure sensors. Even more common around the home, microcontrollers are in the thermostat, microwave oven, TV, many land line phones and just about everything wireless from the garage door opener to the TV remote.

PIC® devices continue to be one the best selling microcontrollers worldwide and are the number one processor used for new designs. Competition from TI and Freescale has not been able to diminish the PIC® MCU popularity.

Development tools and source libraries for the PIC® processors are extensive and inexpensive. This makes a PIC® MCU the best choice for providing students with an education ready for the real world.

Why does CCS care?

CCS developed the first PIC® MCU C compiler on the market over twenty years ago! We saw the popularity and success of microcontrollers in many industries and want to pass on the necessary skills to keep those industries thriving! We want to help you teach C and expand the future of embedded programming! In a wireless culture of convenience and automation, microprocessors/embedded control have become increasingly important and the need to add these features to products keeps embedded programming skills in high demand.

Why CCS in your classroom?

CCS has developed books, exercises and kits designed for the classroom and interested programmer! We also have tutorial kits for advanced technologies like TCP, I/P, CANBUS, RFID, USB and more! We are committed to helping further education and skills in embedded C programming. We want to help you teach C, spread the skills and expand the future of embedded programming! Ask for a special quote to fit your specific classroom needs! Visit teachc.com for teacher resources.

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