E3 GPS Module

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E3 GPS Module
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This GPS module can be used to develop a GPS protocol with a PIC® MCU. This module provides direct access to the PIC® MCU for collecting data and sending commands. This module has 5V I/O that can easily be connected to any CCS development board.

Example projects:

  • Clock to show accurate date/time from a satellite.
  • Logging program to save locations traveled over time. Dump data in a CSV format to view on Google maps.
  • Calculate distance in feet between two points identified by pressing a button.
  • Monitor the Lat/Long for a fixed position GPS. Over time calculate amount the location drifts. Figure out if a more stable reading can be obtained averaging over time and calculate accuracy vs sample time. Continue the analysis of the GPS capabilities by determining the reliable resolution of the data.
  • Use two GPS units and two Zigbee™ transceivers to create a differential system. One GPS remains fixed and sends drift numbers to the other GPS to correct the position. Figure out how much this improves accuracy and resolution.