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MCUspace Mission Statement is a comprehensive source dedicated to connecting you to the resources for the Microchip Technology 8-bit PIC® MCU and dsPIC® microcontrollers. There are an abundance of software development tools that include compilers, debuggers/emulators, programmers, development boards, as well as sample projects, books and distributors all dedicated to the PIC® MCU. We encourage visitors to use the forum for discussion and rating option for products to keep the information current and relevant to PIC® MCU users.

History of PIC® MCU

Microchip Technology Inc. formed from a group that stemmed from a semiconductor division of General Instruments which mainly focused on developing a series of controllers that would be programmable, allow for high output current and include input/output capabilities. The " PIC® " controller was based on RISC (reduced instruction set code) architecture, allowing for an efficient one instruction per clock cycle at 20 Mhz. These fast, 8-bit microcontrollers outscored the competitors with 20 ma of source and sink current on each I/O pin.

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Embedded Adventures

Tutorial blog by Ian Harris focused on PIC® microcontrollers. Embedded Adventures - changing the microcontroller at a time.