Robot Arm

Robot Arm Video
Duration: 0:45

The robot arm is programmed to complete the Tower of Hanoi or can be in manual mode to be controlled from the tablet. The four colored blocks have pegs for the robot arm to grab and easily move the block. The tablet uses EZ App Lynx for displaying the robot arm controls.

Robot Arm Board
Robot Arm with Blocks
Robot Arm Screenshot

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Get started with the EZ App Lynx w/ RN4020 Development Kit! EZ App Lynx is a smartphone/tablet application that pairs with a PIC® MCU over Bluetooth® and allows the PIC® MCUs to control the appearance and control of the GUI on the smartphone/tablet. This allows PIC® MCU developers an easy way to deploy sensors or controllers that can be controlled from a smartphone/tablet over Bluetooth®. The PIC® MCU controls all aspects of the GUI, so the user only needs to install one smartphone/tablet app that works across a broad variety of devices for Android and iOS.

This app requires a Bluetooth® connection to a PIC® MCU using the CCS C Compiler with the EZ App Lynx library. For more information on the application and where to download it, go to: